Degree Course Requirements

The Associate in Accounting program requires 22 credits of general education, 38 credits in business courses for a total of 60 credit hours.  The following courses are required for the Associate in Accounting.

Business Program (15 hrs)
AC 203 Accounting I
AC 213 Accounting II
BA 123 Business Concepts
LAW 203 Business Law I
MK 203 Marketing

Accounting Courses (15 hrs)
AC 303 Cost Accounting I
AC 323 Intermediate Accounting I
AC 333 Intermediate Accounting II
AC 373 Accounting Information Systems
AC 423 Income Tax or AC 463 Auditing

Additional Requirements (8 hrs) (counts toward 60 total credits)
BA 101 University Experience
BA 201 Professional Development and Strategies
COM 213 Business Communication, BA 113 Business Computer Applications, or 
PSY 113 Psychology (Select 6 of the 9 hrs)