Associate in Science

Associate in ScienceTrine University Student Achievements

To be eligible for an associate degree, a student must earn a minimum of 16 credits at Trine.

Two associate degrees may be received at the same time, provided all requirements for both degrees have been met, and the student has earned a minimum of 16 credit hours more than the degree with the lower minimum hour requirement.

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Course Requirements

General Education – 22 hours:
Communication – 6 hrs.
Humanities & Social Sciences – 6 hrs. Mathematics – 3 hrs.
Science - 4 hrs.
Other – 3 hrs.

Content Requirements – 20 hours:
Mathematics or Science courses

Student must complete an area of emphasis which includes 20 total hours in either a science discipline or mathematics. 

Additional Requirements – 18 hours:
University Experience - 1 hr.
Electives - 17 hrs.

Total:  60 hours