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The Program

Your graduate engineering degree will place you in high demand in today's job market. Great opportunities arise for the top engineers, those skilled in designing the most complex systems. Trine's Allen School of Engineering & Technology can give you the additional expertise you need through our one-year Master of Engineering with a major in biomedical engineering. You'll be better positioned to excel and obtain the salary and promotions you desire.

In addition, Trine is one of only a few engineering schools offering traditional students the opportunity to complete both a bachelor of science (BS) degree and a master's of engineering degree simultaneously. The five-year program requires five academic years and one summer of study. Upon completion of the program, you will receive both a bachelor's and master's degree.

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The Experience

We help you increase the value of your bachelor's degree with just one year of design-based, practice-oriented training in biomedical engineering. You need a bachelor of science in the mechanical engineering field, or a closely related discipline, to be eligible for our one-year Master's of Engineering - Biomedical Engineering program. Evening and late-afternoon classes accommodate working professionals.

The Results

The rapidly changing technologies used by leaders in business, industry and government require advanced knowledge of design, development and research.  You will create, invent and apply science using  state-of-the-art technology and accomplish this through our one-year program. It's all part of our mission to educate knowledgeable engineers who are ready to solve today's industrial challenges.

Many states are considering a proposal to require one year of education beyond the bachelor's degree for registration as a professional engineer. With its emphasis on design and practice, the master of engineering degree offers an excellent base for professional registration.