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The Program

Your graduate engineering degree will place you in high demand in today's job market.  Great opportunities arise for the top engineers, those skilled in designing the most complex structural systems.  Trine's Allen School of Engineering & Technology can give you the additional expertise you need through our one-year Master of Engineering program with an emphasis in structural engineering. You will be better positioned to excel and obtain the salary and promotions you desire.

4+1 degree path

available to online students


The Experience

The following outcomes have been identified for the graduate program in civil engineering. A graduate of the Master of Engineering program with a Civil Engineering major must have:

1. the ability to apply knowledge in the specialized areas of structural engineering.

2. the ability to understand business, management, and leadership fundamentals, and

3. the ability to clearly and effectively communicate design ideas in written and oral formats.

The Results

The civil engineering program delivers powerful results for students looking for a future designing our nation's infrastructure—buildings, public utility systems, transportation systems, interstate systems, airports, schools, and government facilities.