Criminal Justice courses

MS Criminal Justice Courses

Designed for working professionals, the Master of Science with a major in Criminal Justice consists of 13 courses (36 credit hours) offered online or on campus that may be completed in 12 months with students completing six credits per eight-week term. 

Criminal Justice Major Core  - 18 credit hours
ENG 501 Research and Writing for Professional Success (1)
CRJ 502 American System of Justice (2)
CRJ 503 Seminar in Law and Social Control (3)
CRJ 513 Criminology (3)
CRJ 533 Criminal Justice Policy Formations & Analysis (3)
CRJ 553 Applied Statistics for Criminal Justice (3)
CRJ 563 Planning & Program Evaluation (3)

Criminal Justice Capstone  - 6 credit hours
CRJ 593 Demonstration Capstone (3)

Taken last term (choose one):
FPY 693 Forensic Psychology Demonstration Project (3)
LAW 693 Law Concentration Demonstration Capstone (3)
LE 693 Law Enforcement Leadership Demonstration Capstone (3)

Electives (Choose 12 hours from the following electives): 12 credit hour

CRJ 643 Law and Public Policy (3)
FPY 603 Theory & Practice of Forensic Psychology (3)
FPY 613 Psychopathology (3)
FPY 623 Evaluation & Treatment of Specialized Populations (3)
FPY 643 Victimology (3)
LAW 603 Advanced Employment Law (3)
LAW 613 Criminal Procedure: Investigation and Adjudication (3)
LAW 623 Children and the Law (3)
LDR 5083 Conflict Resolution for Leaders (3)
LE 603 Theory and Philosophy of Leadership for Law Enforcement (3)
LE 613 Ethics, Culture and Politics (3)
LE 643 Budget and Finance for Law Enforcement Leadership (3)

A candidate for the Master of Science in Criminal Justice program must have the following:

  • A Bachelor of Science degree (or equivalent) with a general education component from a regionally accredited institution.
  • A minimum composite undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 of a 4.0 scale.
  • An official transcript showing a bachelor's degree awarded by an accredited college or university with an acceptable grade point average.

A maximum of six hours of credit from another accredited graduate program may be transferable, upon approval of the dean from the College of Graduate and Professional Studies. Graduate courses taken and applied to the Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice will not apply to the Master of Science in Criminal Justice program.