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Degree Course Requirements

The Lou Holtz Master of Science in Leadership (MSL)  degree requires the completion of 36 semester credit hours, 21 of which are core for all students, and 15 of which are clustered into one of 11 concentration areas:

Leadership Core
LDR 5003 Leadership Philosophy (3)
LDR 5011 Research Writing Skills for Professional Success (1)
LDR 5023 Strategic Leadership (3)
LDR 5043 Organizational Systems and Cultures (3)
LDR 5062 Organizational Development and Change (2)
LDR 5083 Conflict Resolution for Leaders (3)
LDR 5203 Leadership Ethics, Culture, and Politics (3)
LDR 5223 Organizational Communications for Leaders (3)


Biomedical Regulatory Affairs Concentration
LDR 6103 Introduction to Biomedical Regulatory Affairs (3)
LDR 6123 Product Development and Manufacturing Systems (3)
LDR 6133 Qualitative Decision Making in Biomedical Regulatory Affairs (3)
LDR 6143 Product Testing, Evaluation, Clinical Trials, and Post-Market Issues (3)
LDR 6163 Biomedical Regulatory Affairs Capstone (3)

Business Administration Concentration
LDR 6923 Financial and Managerial Accounting (3)
LDR 6933 Statistics and Quantitative Methods - Capstone 1 (3)
LDR 6943 Strategic Marketing Management (3)
LDR 6953 Managing BUsiness Information SYstems (3)
LDR 6963 Business Administration Capstone 2 (3)

Financial Management Concentration
LDR 6923 Financial and Managerial Accounting (3)
LDR 6933 Statistics and Quantitative Methods - Capstone 1 (3)
LDR 5843 Financial Markets and Institutions (3)
LDR 5853 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
LDR 5863 FInancial Management Capstone (3)
Healthcare Systems Studies Concentration
LDR 6803 Leadership and Management of Healthcare Systems (3)
LDR 6823 Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare Leadership (3)
LDR 6833 Qualitative Decision Making for Healthcare Systems (3)
LDR 6843 Organization and Economics of Healthcare Delivery Systems (3)
LDR 6863 Healthcare Leadership Capstone (3)

Human Resource Management Concentration
LDR 5923 Strategic Human Resource Management (3)
LDR 5933 Qualitative Research in Human Resource Management - Capstone 1 (3)
LDR 5943 Employment Law & Certified Professional Human Resources Preparation (3)
LDR 5953 Global Compensation and Benefits (3)
LDR 5963 Human Resources Management Capstone (3)

Instructional Leadership - Higher Education Concentration
LDR 6513 Students and Stakeholders in the Higher Education Environment (3)
LDR 6583 Qualitative Decision Making in Higher Education (3)
LDR 6533 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (3)
LDR 6553 Principles and Practices of Academic Advising (3)
LDR 6573 Instructional Leadership Capstone Course - Higher Education (3)

International Studies Concentration
LDR 6003 Fundamentals of Global Business Leadership (3)
LDR 6023 International Marketing and Economics for Leaders (3)
LDR 6033 Qualitative Decision Making in International Studies (3)
LDR 6043 Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management for Leaders (3)
LDR 6063 International Studies Capstone (3)

Nonprofit Organizational Studies Concentration
LDR 6203 Nonprofit Sector Foundations (3)
LDR 6223 Economic Sustainability of Nonprofit Organizations (3)
LDR 6233 Qualitative Decision Making in Nonprofit
LDR 6243 Quantitative Methods for Nonprofit Organization Planning and Evaluation (3)
LDR 6263 Nonprofit Organization Studies Capstone (3)

Sport Management Concentration
LDR 6703 Foundations of Athletic Administration (3)
LDR 6723 Legal and Ethical Issues in Athletic Administration (3)
LDR 6733 Qualitative Decision Making in Sport Management (3)
LDR 6743 Athletic Facility and Event Management (3)
LDR 6763 Athletic Administration Capstone (3)

Strategic Foresight & Entrepreneurship Concentration
LDR 6403 Fundamentals of Foresight and Entrepreneurship (3)
LDR 6423 Feasibility Analysis for New Ventures (3)
LDR 6433 Qualitative Decision Making in Entrepreneurship (3)
LDR 6443 Business and Marketing Plans for New Ventures (3)
LDR 6463 Global Entrepreneurship Capstone (3)

Sustainable and Environmental Management Concentration
LDR 6603 Leading the Sustainable Business (3)
LDR 6623 Business Management and Environmental Leadership (3)
LDR 6633 Qualitative Decision Making in Environmental Management (3)
LDR 6643 Sustainability and Business Opportunity (3)
LDR 6663 Sustainable Business Administration Capstone (3)

Cohort groups will progress through a series of 12 eight-week, courses over the span of 12 months to complete the master's degree.

The Lou Holtz MSL degree program  is open to persons holding a bachelor's degree in a business, engineering, arts or sciences field from a regionally accredited college or university and whose undergraduate work has been of sufficient quality and scope to enable them to successfully pursue graduate study.

Admission requirements include:

  • A completed application form.
  • An official transcript showing a bachelor's degree with a general education component awarded from a regionally accredited institution.
  • A minimum composite undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0.
  • Applicants whose native language is not English must have a minimum score of 550 on the paper-based or 213 on the computer-based test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL).

Up to six credits earned at an approved institution with grades of "C" or better may be transferred. Credits a student wishes to transfer toward a degree shall be evaluated and approved by the regional education center where the student is enrolled. Official transcripts must be received in order for college credit to be awarded. Credits earned toward an undergraduate degree will not be considered for transfer toward the master's degree.