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BS Biomedical Engineering Courses

A total of 132 hours are required to earn a Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Engineering. The hours include 15 hours associated with elected concentration area: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Research Engineering.

Biomedical Engineering Core: 34 hours

BME 2013 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
BME 3003 Musculoskeletal Biomechanics
BME 3103 Biomaterials
BME 3202 Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Techniques
BME 3212 Biomedical Engineering Research Techniques
BME 4403 Biomedical Engineering Measurement/Instrumentation I
BME 4413 Biomedical Engineering Measurement/Instrumentation II
BME 4503 Tissue Engineering
BME 4603 Biofluid Mechanics
BME 4613 Biological Mass and Energy Transport
BME 4853 Biomedical Engineering Design I
BME 4863 Biomedical Engineering Design II

Concentration Area: 15 hours (Choose one of the following three concentrations)

Research Engineering (Health Sciences) Concentration
CH 203 Organic Chemistry I / CH 211 Organic Chemistry I Lab
CH 213 Organic Chemistry II / CH 221 Organic Chemistry II Lab
             Or BIO 324 Microbiology
BIO 434 Biochemistry
BME XXX3 BME Elective


Electrical Engineering Concentration
CS 1113 Object Oriented JAVA
ECE 263 Digital Systems / ECE 261 Digital Systems Lab
ECE 273 Microcontrollers / ECE 271 Microcontrollers Lab
ECE 323 Electromagnetic Fields
BME XXX1 or ECE XXX1 Elective


Mechanical Engineering Concentration
EGR 143 Engineering Graphics
ES 243 Solid Mechanics
MAE 243 Manufacturing Processes and Equipment
MAE 353 Machine Component Design
BME XXX3 BME Elective

Communication: 9 hours
ENG 103 English Compositions I
ENG 133 Technical Communications
SP 203 Effective Speaking

Social Science and Humanities: 12 hours
PHL 303 Ethics
Humanities Elective
Social Sciences Elective
Social Sciences Elective

Mathematics: 17 hours
MA 134 Calculus I
MA 164 Calculus II
MA 213 Calculus III
MA 233 Differential Equations
MA 393 Probability and Statistics

Science: 21 hours
CH 155 Advanced Honors General Chemistry
PH 224 University Physics I
PH 234 University Physics II
BIO 384 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 394 Anatomy and Physiology II

General Engineering: 2 hours
GE 101 Introduction to Engineering
GE 401 Professional Practice

Engineering Sciences: 14 hours
ES 213 Statics
ES 233 Dynamics
ES 233 Engineering Materials
ES 382 Engineering Economics
ES 313 Thermodynamics

Electrical Computer Engineering: 4 hours
ECE 213 Circuit Analysis
ECE 211 Circuit Analysis Lab

Unrestrictive Elective: 4 hour

* For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.