Biomedical Engineering

Meet our faculty

Maria J. Gerschutz, Ph.D.
Chair and Assistant Professor
B.S./M.S./Ph.D. – Wright State University, Dayton, OH
Specialty: Prosthetics Product Testing, Analysis and Development,
Dynamic Control Systems, Medical Imaging and Signal Processing

Stephen G. Carr, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
B.S. - University of Ulster
Ph.D. - Queens University
Specialty: Circuits and Power

Kiwon Park, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
B.S.Inha University, Incheon, South Korea
M.S.Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Ph.D. - University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Specialty: Dynamical/Biomechanical Analysis of  the Human Gait

John Patton, Ph.D., PE
Assistant Professor
B.S. - University of Michigan
M.S. - New Mexico State University
Ph.D. - Rice University
Specialty: Drug Discovery, Tissue Engineering, Cell Adhesion

John E. Wagner, Ph.D.
B.S. - University of Colorado
Ph.D. - Rice University
Specialty: Bioprocessing and Conceptual Design 

Darryl S. Webber, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
B.S. - Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology
M.S. - University of Montana
Ph.D. - Missouri University of Science and Technology
Specialty: Cast Metals, Metallurgy