Communications Degree

The Program Trine University Student Achievements

The Communication major prepares students to solve 21st century problems. One track, Public Relations and Corporate Communication, focuses on strategic communication to build relationships between organizations and their audiences. The other track, New Media Production, reworks journalism for our digital age by satisfying society's compulsive need for instant information.

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The Experience

In communication, you take solid theoretical preparation and learn how to use it in hands-on situations.

While taking coursework in New Media Production, main campus students practice what they learn in class through both off-campus internships and on-campus media practica such as working with our campus radio station, WEAX.

Students in Public Relations will be involved through courses in developing PR campaigns and can participate in event promotions within the department with the Humanities Symposia, Drama Club, and the Overlooked Film Festival.

The Results

Communication majors lead, succeed, and thrive in their careers because of their strong theoretical knowledge and practical experience. They shape the future by safeguarding the interchange of information and transforming public opinion.