Learning without Limits. It's a Trine thing.


Robert Smith, 2008 - Elkhart County Sheriffs Department
Alison Bonham, 2008 - Florida Gulf Coast University - M.S. Criminal Justice
Ashley Williamson, 2008 - University of Louisville, M.S. Social Work
Rebecca Claus, 2008 - The Professional School of Psychology, Chicago
Adam Pully, 2007 - Indiana Gaming Enforcement Agent
Rachel Thrush, 2007 - Thomas Cooley Law School
Ashley Weyenburg, 2007 - Ohio Northern School of Law
Clint Hetrick, 2007 - Indiana State Trooper
Michael Reinhold, 2006 - Director of Social Services, Northern Lakes Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Rachel Thrush, 2006 - Thomas Cooley Law School
Jacqueline Stoy, 2006 - Department of Children Services
Chad Adolph, 2003 -IRS, Criminal Investigation
Kody Buell, 2003 - Indiana State Trooper
Greg Gorbett, 2003 - Forensic Science - Assistant Professor in the Fire and Safety Technology Program at Eastern Kentucky University with an emphasis in the Fire, Arson & Explosion Investigation Program. Associate expert with John A. Kennedy & Associates, Director of the National Association of Fire Investigators
Katie Kawiecki, 2003 - Valparaiso Law School
Mike McDonald, 2001 - Revenue Agent, State of Michigan
Sharon (Yates) McDonald, 2000 - Michigan State Trooper
Kelly (Gruner) Gorbett, Ph.D., 2000 - Comprehensive Care Center, Richmond, KY
Leslie Cochran, 1995 - United States Secret Service
Christine Mannina, 1993 - Indianapolis Homicide Detective