Criminal Justice - Careers

BS Criminal Justice Careers

Job opportunities abound in the criminal justice field - not just the traditional police, courts and corrections, but in all avenues of public and private sector.

  • Conservation Officer DNR
  • Case Manager Northeastern Center
  • Allen County Juvenile Center
  • Valparaiso Law School
  • Avé Maria Law School
  • IPFW MPA Program
  • Ball State University Ph.D. Psychology
  • Michigan and Indiana Department of Corrections
  • Federal Law Enforcement—IRS, ATF, Secret Service, Marshals Service
  • State and Local Law Enforcement—ISP, DNR, Excise, City and County Police Officers
  • Department of Corrections (IN and MI), county jails and juvenile detention centers
  • Behavioral and mental health agencies-Bowen Center, Northeastern Center, Madison Center
  • Probation Departments—MI, OH and IN
  • Private sector security and loss prevention
  • Case Managers, counseling and substance abuse
  • Department of Child Services - Case Manager