Design Engineering Technology courses

BS Design Engineering Technology Courses

The Bachelor of Science in design engineering technology degree at Trine University requires that you graduate with 121 credit hours of study. You'll take both general education classes, as well as, core classes for students in the DET program. You could also choose to add a minor in plastics, business or management.

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First  Year

Fall Semester (16 cr.)     
ETD 103 Basic Technical Drawing     
ETD 123 Mfg Materials & Processes 
MA 113 College Algebra    
ENG 103 English Composition I    
ETD 101 Introduction to Engineering Technology
PSY 113 Principles of Psychology

Spring Semester (15 cr.) ETD
ETD 113 Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
ETD 163 Environmental Health & Safety
ETD 173 Computer-Aided 3D Modeling (Solid Works)
MA 123 Trigonometry
ENG 133 Technical Communications

Second Year

Fall Semester (16 cr.)
ETD 233 Engineering & Manufacturing  Systems
PH 154 College Physics I
MA 134 Calculus I
INF 103 Information Technology Applications
Department Approved Elective (Min. 2 cr. required)

Spring Semester (17 cr.)    
ETD 203 Basic Mechanisms  
ETD 273 Electrical Fundamentals    
PH 164 College Physics II    
CH 144 Chemistry- Ideas & Applications    
SP 203 Effective Speaking

Third Year

Fall Semester (15 cr.)
ETD 313 Design for Manufacturing and Assembly                      
ETD 333 Statics & Strengths of Materials                    
COM 213 Business Communication                     
ECO 213 Microeconomics                    
Humanities Elective

Spring Semester (18 cr.)
MA 253 Statistics                     
ETD 363 Elements of Machines                     
ETD 263 Design, Analysis & Prototyping                     
MGT 363 Organizational Behavior                     
Humanities Elective                    
ECO 223 Macroeconomics

Fourth Year

Fall Semester (12 cr.)
ETD 463 Senior Design Project I 
EGR 453 Advanced Parametric Design (NX)                    
ETD 433 Computer Numerical Control                       
MGT 353 Designing Operations

Spring Semester (12 cr.)
ETD 473 Senior Design Project II               
MGT 413 Management of Quality                     
Elective (300/400 series)
Elective (300/400 series)