Electrical Engineering

BS Electrical Engineering Trine University Student Achievements

The Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the application of electrical energy for practical use. Our degree program is broad-based and covers the main aspects of electrical engineering:

  • generating and delivering power
  • communications
  • controls
  • instrumentation

This wide range of specialties will allow you to find and explore the aspects of electrical engineering that appeal to you. 

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The Experience

In-depth theoretical coverage is enhanced through laboratory experimentation and design. You will spend a significant amount of time in the laboratory, learning how to use modern test equipment and how to implement and verify the performance of electronic and electrical systems. The laboratory experience is immersive and relevant to current industry practice and demand. You will graduate with not only a wealth of engineering knowledge, but the hands-on experience and skills that employers desire.


Senior Design Project: Stair Climbing Robot
by students: Joe Brown, Maxwell Frame, Kyler Koets, and Chris Ryan

The Results

Over the past 10 years over 90% of our graduates have started their first professional career position within six months of graduation. Many have their first job arranged before they graduate. Most of our graduates go into the commercial world in industries such as aerospace, transportation, utilities, and consumer electronics. Some of our graduates (about 10%) decide to go on to graduate school and some work for federal government agencies.


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