Elementary Education

BS Elementary Education

The Bachelor of Science with a major in Elementary Education program focuses on scientifically-based reading instruction and the application of theories to how children in grades K-6 learn best. Given the interdisciplinary nature of curriculum in today's elementary schools, this program also prepares future teachers to design and implement classroom learning through multiple instructional strategies, including project based learning and STEM initiatives.

The Experience

Education teaching on football field

Like all of the Franks School of Education programs, extensive field experiences in diverse settings are required beginning in the first year of coursework. The elementary education program is grounded in state and national standards in order to help our teacher education candidates prepare their future students with 21st century skills.

Points of Pride

Graduates from FSOE have a high level of job placement, running between 95 and 100% every year. In addition to classroom teaching, students have obtained other educationally related positions, and still others go on to complete master's degrees. Feedback from school administrators consistently refers to how well the Trine teacher education graduates are prepared to begin teaching from day one in the classroom and how effective these teachers are far beyond graduation.

Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation

Indiana Department of Education

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