Forensic Science Major

BS Forensic Science Trine University Student Achievements

The tool markings left at the scene of an intrusion; the hair found at the scene of a kidnapping; the bullet casing left at a homicide - all of this evidence can be used to solve a crime. With technology unknown just a few years ago, forensic science has extraordinary powers to produce evidence that wins court cases. With trace evidence, police and forensic scientists can reopen and prove who committed decades-old crimes.

The Experience

The Bachelor of Science with a major in forensic science curriculum is grounded in the sciences and prepares students for careers directly related to the analysis of trace evidence left at crime scenes. The faculty provide excellent classroom and laboratory training, which includes the use of equipment such as an atomic absorption spectrophotometer, high pressure liquid chromatography equipment, a gas chromatography-mass spectrophotometer, and two comparison microscopes -- a ballistics microscope and a fiber/hair microscope.

The Results

The Bachelor of Science with a major in forensic science prepares you for a variety of careers and graduate school. There are a large number of specialty areas in forensic science. Graduates of the program have become latent print examiners, arson investigators, DNA specialists, and drug chemists. A recent graduate is studying nuclear forensics in graduate school.

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