Students in Forensic Science

BS Forensic Science Internships

Internships are an integral part of the forensic science curriculum. Internships in the many different areas of forensic science give students the real-life experiences and practical laboratory skills needed for careers in this field.

Emily White, a senior forensic science and chemistry major at Trine University, will be an intern at the Drug Lab for the Indiana State Crime Lab in Indianapolis this summer, the first intern the lab has had in six years. Read the news article.

James Evans (class of 2013) completed an internship sponsored by the Department of Energy at the Ames Laboratory in Ames, Iowa. He participated in research on strengthening forensic fracture matching by use of instrumentation and the effects of corrosive environments on fractured surfaces.

Shandra Clawson (class of 2013) completed an internship at Forensic Fluids Laboratory, an oral fluid testing lab. Their clients include both public and private agencies and they test from 500-700 samples daily. Shandra not only gained a better understanding of laboratory instrumentation, she also learned that teamwork is essential to a successful career.

Karina Stiop (class of 2013), a forensic major interested in pathology, interned at the morgue at Blodgett Hospital. She job shadowed the forensic pathologist at the hospital, Dr. Stephen Cohle. She immersed herself in the experience and completed many tasks assigned to morgue assistants. This experience has reinforced her desire to pursue a career in pathology.

Mona Atar (class of 2011) double majored in forensic science and criminal justice and completed an internship with the Allen County Coroner's Office. While interning, Mona overshadowed death investigators in several homicide cases and an infant death case. She put to use not only her knowledge of forensic biology but her education in crime scene investigation, as well.

In addition, other students have had opportunities to work with LaGrange County Sheriff's Department on studying the differences between the gunshot patterns of a sawed-off shotgun and regular firearms, with the Allen County Coroner's Office assisting the crime scene unit investigate suspicious deaths, and with Kodiak Enterprises performing arson investigations.

Another student developed a cheiloscopy study to define the uniqueness of lip patterns in all humans. This project was done with the assistance of an expert from the Indiana State Police Crime Lab.

For additional information on cooperative education or internships, contact the Career Services office by calling 260.665.4142,, or visit the Trine Career Services web site.