General Arts and Sciences - Courses

Degree Course Requirements

General Arts and Sciences is not a course of study. It is a temporary designation that provides students with suitable time to select the right major for them. As such this designation has no course requirements.

General Arts and Sciences students should enroll in courses that meet Trine's general education requirements as well as courses in academic programs that interest them until they select a major of their own.

General Education Requirements for all Bachelor Degrees – 42 hours

Written Communication – 6 hrs.
 - must include ENG 103 or ENG 104 and either ENG 113 or ENG 133

Oral Communication – 3 hrs.
 - SP 203 or COM 163

Social Sciences & Humanities – 12 hrs.
 - *take at least two courses from Social Sciences and at least two courses from Humanities.

Mathematics & Science – 10 hrs.
 - must include at least 1 course in mathematics and 1 course in science

Other – 11 hrs.
 - additional hours to be taken from the above categories*