General Studies Self Designed major

The Program Trine University Student Achievements

A General Studies major allows you to build a broad-based education.  It teaches you to think critically, communicate effectively, and pull together knowledge from many disciplines – skills you'll need to be successful in any career. 

It demonstrates to employers and peers alike that you have the self-discipline and intelligence to work through a university-level program in a variety of subject areas. 

It can serve as a prerequisite for a professional career, or as a stepping-stone to a college degree in another discipline. It can be the most personally rewarding major available, precisely because it is so broad, and it embodies the central philosophy of a liberal arts education that learning to think critically and to read and write well should help anyone in any career.

The Experience

At Trine, one general studies educational track that students can pursue is a concentration in self-designed studies. This maybe a good choice for you if you're looking to pave your own path, or create your own learning experience. 

The Results

General studies' students may double major and are strongly encouraged to obtain a minor.  The list of minors at Trine is impressive and includes communication, criminal justice, history and psychology, among many others.  We have advisors who are knowledgeable of other majors and minors to assist you in getting as much value as possible from your experience here.

John C. Milliken, J.D
Assistant Vice President for Academic Services
Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Psychology and Social Sciences

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