Golf Management Degree - Trine University

BSBA Golf Management Courses

The Thomas and Joy LaCour Bachelor of Science in business administration - golf management program requires 120 credits overall (37 credits in Golf Management), management, and marketing courses in addition to the 30 credits of business core classes. More than half the student's total coursework toward graduation is in business.

Business Core & Program Requirements - 30 credit hours
AC 203 Accounting I
AC 213 Accounting II
BA 3113 Business Internship
BA 343 International Business
FIN 303 Managerial Finance
LAW 203 Business Law I
MGT 353 Designing Operations
MGT 363 Organizational Behavior
MGT 453 Strategic Management
MK 203 Marketing

Golf Management Major - 37 credit hours
GM 131 Player Development I
GM 203 Golf Shop Management
GM 213 Golf Club Design, Repair and Fitting
GM 231 Player Development II
GM 303 Teaching the Short Game
GM 323 Teaching the Golf Swing
GM 462 Senior Seminar in Golf Management
MGT 403 Principles of Hospitality Management
SM 393 Sport Psychology

Management Core
MGT 303 Introduction to Risk Management
MGT 323 Leadership
MGT 373 Facility Management
MGT 383 Principles of Project Management
MK Elective 300 or 400 Level Marketing Elective

Additional Requirements - 11 credit hours (Counts toward 120 total credits)
BA 101 University Experience
BA 123 Business Concepts
BA 201 Professional Development and Strategies
BA 213 Advanced Spreadsheets for Business
COM 213 Business Communication