Mechanical Engineering

BS Mechanical Engineering  Trine University Student Achievements

The Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering is among the most diverse, versatile and prevalent of all engineering disciplines.  Working with everything from paperclips to spacecraft, mechanical engineers plan, design and direct the manufacture of products.

Mechanical engineers are integral in a number of industries, including:

  • technology and innovation
  • energy conversion
  • manufacturing
  • health care
  • aerospace and automation. 

If something moves, it requires the expertise of a mechanical engineer to assess the physics of the environment, of the parts that work to form the whole, the aesthetics of the final product and the logistics of the manufacturing process. 

Mechanical Engineering students on a trip to the CIC

The Experience

At Trine, you will be immersed in the fundamental tools of modern mechanical engineering:

  • advanced mathematics,
  • physics,
  • laboratory testing,
  • and computer simulation. 

Practical designs are the result of any engineering effort, and beginning as a freshman, you will be exposed to project work emphasizing engineering design.  Project management, design and manufacture techniques are learned through hands-on involvement in the laboratories, and brought to life in a year-long senior design project completed in the senior year.

Points of Pride

The Mechanical Engineering department program places students in industries, critical to the nation's interests, ranging from manufacturing to aviation to energy conservation. Within six months of graduating, 100 percent of graduates secure opportunities within the field and enjoy starting annual salaries of approximately $60,000. 


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