Mechanical Engineering

The Program

Mechanical engineering is one of the most diverse, versatile and general of all engineering fields. Mechanical engineers plan, design, and direct the manufacture of everything from paper clips to spacecrafts.  They design power sources and tackle problems affecting the environment. If a project involves energy conversion, production, or utilization, mechanical engineers are involved. Among other examples, they provide engineering for engines, power plants, electrical generation, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. They can be found in all types of companies, including those involved in manufacturing, transportation, health care, and insurance. No other field of engineering provides a better professional base for interdisciplinary endeavor.

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The Experience

At Trine, you will be immersed in the fundamental tools of modern mechanical engineering: advanced mathematics, physics, laboratory testing, and computer simulation. Practical designs are the result of any engineering effort and beginning as a freshman, you will be exposed to project work emphasizing engineering design.  As a senior, you will work in a small group of students on a year-long design project.  Project work is designed to emphasize both teamwork and personal responsibility.

The Results

The Mechanical Engineering department program places students in industries, critical to the nation's interests, ranging from manufacturing to aviation to energy conservation. Graduates of the program enjoy a placement of 96 percent within the field and a starting annual salary of nearly $60,000.