Transforming Potential. It's a Trine thing.


Amanda Kilburn, Trine University Biology and Pre-Medical Major, 2011
B.S. Biology 
B.S. Pre-Medical
Ms. Kilburn was awarded a full scholarship to pursue a M.S. in biochemistry and cell biology at Wright State University.

Brittany Witkiewicz, Trine University Pre-Medical Major, 2011      
B.S. Pre-Medical      
Ms. Witkiewicz is currently enrolled in a M.S. in anatomy and cell biology program at Rush University, which is integrated within the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago Illinois.

Phil Jakubowicz, Trine University Pre-Medical Major, 2009      
B.S. Pre-Medical      
Mr. Jakubowicz did his  senior capstone project working with local dentists and oral surgeons. He is currently enrolled in the Dental School at Indiana University.

Zack Witte, Trine University Chemical Engineering Major, 2007
B.S. Chemical Engineering
Mr. Witte is currently enrolled in the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Sarah Carpenter, Trine University Biology Major, 2005
B.S. Biology                      
Dr. Carpenter graduated from the  School of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University.

Charity Nofziger, Trine University Pre-Medical Major, 2002
B.S. Pre-Medical 
Dr. Nofziger attended Indiana University Graduate School and earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry. Her subject area is kidney tubule transport mechanisms and she completed a post doctoral program at the Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria.