Studying in the Pre-Physical Therapy program

Pre-Physical Therapy Courses

The Pre-Physical Therapy Professional Track can be associated with any major offered at Trine University, though majors in the Science Department provide the clearest path to successful entry into a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree program. In conjunction with, or in addition to, the curricular requirements of the major, the Pre-Physical Therapy Professional Track requires coursework in the following areas:

Biological Sciences (excluding botany and zoology) - 8 credit hours
BIO 154 Human Anatomy
BIO 354 Human Physiology
CH 104 General Chemistry I
CH 114 General Chemistry II
ENG 453 Advanced Composition
MA 253 Statistics
PH 154 College Physics I and
PH 164 College Physics II
PH 224 University Physics I and
PH 234 University Physics II
Psychology elective - 3 credit hours

Total: 41 credit hours