Psychology students with Professor

BS Psychology Courses

The Bachelor of Science with a major in psychology requires the completion of 120 hours of course work. The average course load is 15 - 16 hours based on eight semesters.

General Education Requirements:
Written Communication - 6 hrs.
Oral Communication - 3 hrs.
Social Sciences & Humanities - 12 hrs.
Mathematics & Science - 10 hrs.

Other - 11 hrs.

Program Requirements - 46 hrs.

Additional Requirements - 32 hrs.

Program Objectives:  Develop in students a competency in psychology, including requisite skills in analyzing human behavior.  Provide the skills to use a broad range of research and skills relating to  psychology.  Develop knowledge in students to psychological concepts and principles and their application to society.  Develop an awareness of ethical questions and issues in psychology.  Become familiar with the history of psychology.  Provide a broad coverage of all major areas of psychology. Require basic knowledge in those areas of biology directly relevant to psychology.