Social Studies Education Major Courses

BS Social Studies Education Courses

Professional Studies (Grades 5-12) 42 Hours
EDU 111 Freshman Practicum
EDU 211 Sophomore Practicum
EDU 232 Educational Psychology - Middle/Secondary
EDU 301 **Introduction to Teaching Practicum
EDU 303 **Introduction to Teaching
EDU 312 Exceptional Children in the Schools
EDU 322 Culturally Responsive Teaching
EDU 331 **Reading in the Content Area Practicum
EDU 332 **Reading in the Content Area
EDU 411 Middle School Methods
EDU 412 The Middle School
EDU 422 Middle School Methods 
EDU 431  **Practicum in Teaching-Secondary Social Studies
EDU 442 **Special Methods Secondary Social Studies Teacher
EDU 462 **Educational Measurement
EDU 463 *Educational Media and Technology
EDU 470 **Supervised Student Teaching
EDU 471 **Student Teaching Seminar
EDU 473 Issues in American Public Education

Content Requirements 45-48 hours
HIS 213 World Civilization II
ECO 223 Principles of Macroeconomics
SOC 103 Principles of Sociology

Three of the following concentrations:

Economics 12 hours
ECO 213 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 323 Money and Banking
FIN 353 Personal Finance
FIN 343 International Finance

Government & Citizenship 12 Hours
GOV 313 Comparative Governments
GOV 333 State and Local Government
GOV 373 Political Psychology
GOV 403 American Constitutional Development

Historical Perspectives 15 Hours
HIS 323 The Contemporary World (W)
HIS 343 American Political Thought (US)
HIS 363 United States Foreign Policy (US)
HIS 423 The United States as a World Power (US)
HIS 453 Readings in World History (W)

Psychology 12 Hours
PSY 323 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 333 Psychology of Personality
PSY 343 Social Psychology
PSY 353 Child and Adolescent Psychology

General Education 42 hours

MA 113 or MA 153 College Algebra or Finite Mathematics

Lab Science elective (4)

Humanities and Social Science
ENG 153 Introduction to Literature
GEO 213 Physical Geography
HIS 103 American History I
PSY 113 Principles of Psychology
Humanities elective (3)

ENG 103 English Composition I
ENG 113 English Composition II
SP 203 or COM 163 Effective Speaking or Interpersonal Communications

EXS 102 Lifetime Wellness
GOV 113 Introduction to Government
HIS 113 American History II
HIS 203 World Civilization

Additional Requirements (1)
UE 101 University Experie3nce 

*Course meets general education computer literacy requirement
**Course must be taken at Trine

Total Hours = 130 to 133

Note: The courses you need to complete to be eligible for licensure in Indiana may change from what is presented. New requirements for licensure have been approved by the IDE/OELD and the governor. When new standards are developed and additional interpretations of the new licensing requirements are made, changes will be made on this website.