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Humanities Minor

The humanities minor offers students the chance to further their studies and enhance their education by exploring this field of study.

Humanities Minor - 25 Hours

Course Requirements

Humanities Capstone - 1 hr.
HUM 401 Humanities Portfolio

Appreciation Courses - 9 hrs.
(choose 3)

ARC 293 Architecture Appreciation
ART 253 Art Appreciation
ENG 153 Introduction to Literature
FLM 203 Film Appreciation
MUS 272 Music Appreciation
SP 103 Introduction to Theater
One (1) course in a Foreign Language (Chinese/French/Spanish)

Human Condition Courses - 3 hrs. (choose 3)
COM 233 Intercultural Communication
ENG 433 Shakespeare
GEO 303 Human Geography
PHL 313 Ethics
WS 103 Intro to Women's Studies

Focus Area - 12 hrs.
Choose four (4) courses from one of the following:

MUS 113 Music Theory I
MUS 123 Music History I
MUS 213 Music Theory II
MUS 223 Music History II

ENG 233 Mythology
ENG 253 Readings in World Literature
ENG 273 Creative Writing
ENG 363 The English Language
*Or substitute another approved 200 or above level course in literature.

PHL 203 Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 323 Philosophy of Religion
PHL 333 Art, Technology, and Society
PHL 343 Logic