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The Program

The International Studies minor is designed to expose students from any major with a wide array of topics involving international relations.

International governmental structures, geography, business relations and history are but a few of the subjects covered in this interesting minor which is increasingly relevant in our closely connected world.

Course Requirements

COM 233 Intercultural Communication (3) and one year of foreign language at the college level (6)

Choose five courses from the following ten courses (15) (must include at least one course from each group)

Geographic and Historical Perspectives GEO 303 Human Geography
GEO 323 World Geography
GOV/GEO 353 Political Geography   HIS/GOV 323 The Contemporary World  GOV 313 Comparative Governments

Business Perspectives
BA 343 International Business 
ECO/GEO 343 Economic Geography 
ECO 363 Comparative Econ. Systems
ECO 383 International Economics
MK 343 International Marketing

Total Minor Program: 24 Hrs.