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The Program

The music minor offers students the chance to broaden and deepen their understanding of music. It will allow students who have an interest in music to further their music education by exploring their talents as performers, listeners, composers and musicologists.

The program also provides a breadth and depth of knowledge in music to students who have a passion for music but wish to make their career in another field. 

Course Requirements

Required Courses (16 Credit Hours)

MUS 111 Piano Class (1)
MUS 213 Music Theory I (3)
MUS 313 Music Theory II (3)
MUS 223 Music History I (3)
MUS 323 Music History II (3)
MUS 253 Beginning Conducting (3)

Select Applied Studies (4 Hours)

MUS 1011.01 Voice (1)
MUS 1011.02 Woodwind (1)
MUS 1011.03 Brass (1)
MUS 1011.04 Percussion (1)
MUS 1011.05 String (1)
MUS 1011.06 Piano (1)

Select Ensemble Studies (4 Hours)

MUS 141 Chamber Orchestra (1)
MUS 151 Marching Band (1)
MUS 161 Wind Ensemble/Pep Band (1)
MUS 171 University Choir (1) 
MUS 181 Jazz Band (1)
MUS 191 Trine Chorale (1)

Contact Mark Kays,Director of Music, at kaysm@trine.edu or 260.665.8096 if you are interested in this program.