Master of Science in Leadership

MS Leadership Trine University Student Achievements

The Lou Holtz Master of Science in Leadership (MSL) one year accelerated program at Trine University offers adults holding a bachelor degree a new career dimension - leadership. Visionary, strategic leadership skills enhance success in all of these career areas.


  • Biomedical Regulatory Affairs
    • The Biomedical Regulatory Affairs Concentration will empower students with in-depth knowledge, technical and business skills necessary to provide leadership and oversight of effective regulatory affairs and compliance.  Trine University became a partner in the OrthoWorx initiative which is a Warsaw, Indiana-based industry, community, and education initiative to support growth and innovation in the region's orthopedics device sector. The "biomedical corridor" with its hub in Warsaw that radiates throughout Northeast Indiana is the largest in the world, hosting 3 of the 5 leading orthopedic device companies.
  • Business Administration
    • The Business Administration concentration will prepare you to make effective and ethical business decisions in an ever-changing global economy. The program is designed for individuals with an interest in business administration utilizing statistical and analytical skills to meet professional and economical demands in the business sector. This concentration will provide unique offerings that will serve the needs of local, regional, national and global businesses.
  • Healthcare Systems Studies
    • The Healthcare Systems Studies concentration will give students the knowledge, technical and business skills necessary to lead the administration of ethical delivery, regulation, sustainability and accountability of healthcare systems. If you are looking to expand your understanding of leadership within hospitals, medical centers, community clinics, health departments and the balance of healthcare settings, or if you're currently employed as a healthcare organization administrator, operations manager, clinical supervisor, or office managers, this concentration may be for you.
  • Human Resource Management
    • The Human Resourse Management concentration will help you develop leadership and change-agent skills. Areas included in this concentration are employment law, recruitment and staffing models. policies and legal matters, practices related to attracting, selecting, developing and retaining human capital with an understanding of business, functional operations and decision process as they relate to human resource management. 
  • Instructional Leadership - Higher Education
    • The Instructional Leadership - Higher Education concentration will help students gain knowledge, leadership, and management skills necessary to impact College and University student achievement and to lead successful institutional improvement initiatives. If you are part of the faculty or staff in higher education serving in advising, admissions, and instructional roles, this concentration may be for you.
  • Sport Management
    • Winning begins off the field with athletic managers and coaches who develop successful programs.  This concentration will help grow leadership and management skills necessary to demonstrate and maintain accountability for professional standards, practices and ethics in collegiate, semi-professional, amateur and professional athletics. Sport-minded individuals that are seeking opportunities to grow in these sports industries, and those who would like to secure a professional coaching and athletics facility management job, should pursue the Sport Management concentration.

The Experience

Designed for working professionals, the MSL develops the theoretical and applied leadership knowledge, capabilities and characteristics needed to positively impact organizations across multiple sectors.

Concentrations may be pursued as stand-alone graduate certificates, preparing students for nationally recognized exams such as the Certified Global Business Professional, Regulatory Affairs Certification, and Leed Green Associate certification.

The Results

This degree will provide unique offerings that will serve the needs of the business, engineering, arts and science sectors. The concentrations will build the capabilities of individuals desiring to lead invGlobal Business, Manufacturing, Nonprofit organizations, Sustainable business, Healthcare, Entrepreneurial markets, Business incubator guidance, Data administration and analysis, Management, Engineering Technology, Financial advising and analysis, and Biomedical engineering.

Degree Course Requirements

Required Prerequisite

Required course for international students who have not studied in the US.
ENG 502 Critical Writing & Application (2 credit hours)

The Lou Holtz Master of Science in Leadership degree requires the completion of 36 semester credit hours, 21 of which are core for all students, and 15 of which are clustered into one of 6 concentration areas.

Leadership Core (21 credit hours)

Biomedical Regulatory Affairs Concentration (15 credit hours)
Business Administration Concentration (15 credit hours)
Healthcare Systems Studies Concentration (15 credit hours)
Human Resource Management Concentration (15 credit hours)
Instructional Leadership - Higher Education Concentration (15 credit hours)
Sport Management Concentration (15 credit hours)

Students may also apply for the Certificate Program which is a stand-alone certificate in any of the concentration areas. This consists of six classes for a total of 18 credit hours.

Biomedical Regulatory Affairs Concentration (18 credit hours)
Business Administration Concentration (18 credit hours)
Healthcare Systems Studies Concentration (18 credit hours)
Human Resource Management Concentration (18 credit hours)
Instructional Leadership - Higher Education Concentration (18 credit hours)
Sport Management Concentration (18 credit hours)

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