At Trine our job is to provide you with the opportunity to receive a quality education. Our top priority is to keep you safe and protect your life and property. We take pride and great responsibility in doing so. By pro-actively engaging in activities that promote security awareness and crime prevention, we strive to be a safe place to learn, work and live.

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Trine University Campus Safety Team

Our Campus Safety department is overseen by the Director of Campus Safety and staffed by competent professionals who use advanced equipment, techniques, and current technology to perform their duties. We work closely with the Indiana State Police, the FBI, the Angola Police Department, and the Steuben County Sheriffs Department.

We encourage other agencies to inform us of all reported criminal activity at any sites affiliated with the University, or with University-recognized organizations, on and/or off campus. The jurisdictional boundaries of our department include all Trine owned facilities. In addition, specially selected and trained students patrol with the Campus Safety officers through the residence halls to look for vandalism, disorderly conduct or suspicious activity.


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