Through the Years – Pride in Who We AreDr. & Mrs. Earl D. Brooks II, Homecoming 2015

Pride is a pretty important part of life. Pride in what you do, in who you are and in how you go about shaping the world around you. At Trine University, it’s a special kind of pride – in ourselves and in the experience we provide – that truly sets us apart.

Trine University, founded as Tri-State Normal College, opened its doors for the first time on June 17, 1884. From day one, a promise was made to prepare our students to succeed, lead and serve. Over one hundred and thirty years later, we’re still keeping our word and we’re pretty proud of that.

Campus has experienced transformational growth and may be quite different from what some of you may remember. I invite you to join us at Homecoming to tour campus and join us to celebrate the renovation of Ford Hall, the building of the Larry and Judy Reiners Residence Hall, the SportONE/Parkview Softball Field and the Ryan Tennis Complex. The Oak Ridge Boys will help celebrate the weekend with a Saturday evening concert in the T. Furth Center for Performing Arts.

A variety of other events have been planned to further celebrate our alumni, your time spent here, and the pride you share for your alma mater.

See you at Homecoming!

President and Mrs. Earl D. Brooks II