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About Innovation One

About Innovation one

Trine University is investing more than $8 million in Innovation One to support our students, faculty, regional businesses and the entrepreneur bringing new ideas to market. When a student, faculty member, business or an individual has an idea, we want to help them turn that idea into a reality. That idea could be the beginning of a successful business that creates new jobs or could expand existing business.

Innovation One is an incubator for creativity, invention and design that will improve education through experiential learning and foster economic development by supporting new and existing business. Innovation One will develop and support partnerships, external engagements, business plans, growth and sustainability. It will serve as a catalyst for the university to partner with the private and public sectors to launch ideas. We will assist in the development of ideas in an environment with expert advice close at hand, complemented by multiple resources.

The premise is simple: as new ideas, products and technologies are presented, Trine students, faculty and other experts will assist in the development of the ideas turning them into real products. Innovation One will also assist existing business with research and development and other business and engineering needs. Innovation One will put new product and market resources to use across the region to expand business, create jobs and diversify the employment base.