Meet Jan Stannard

Trine University - Allen School of Engineering

For Jan Stannard, Ph.D., science has been a lifelong love.

Mechanical Engineering; B.S. – Medicinal Chemistry, University of Michigan; M.S./Ph.D. – University of Michigan; Ed.D. – Northeastern University

I have been interested in science since I was very young. One of my earliest memories is, at about 7 years old, creating my first chemical reaction. The experiment was thrilling, and a success, as I didn′t blow up the basement! The reaction involved creating bromine, which I accomplished, as well as running everyone else out of the house. My parents were relieved when my interest took advantage of local college labs to continue my studies.

Along the way, I am honored to have won several prestigious awards. That could not have been possible without many dedicated mentors to guide me along the way. This is why I am an educator, seeking to provide the same joy of discovery that I have experienced, and to help you along your science or engineering career.

These experiences have allowed me travel extensively, which I have enjoyed greatly. I′ve climbed glaciers in New Zealand and chilled on the slopes of Annapurna.

I also enjoy playing tennis and volleyball and running. So you might find me in the gym sometime, trying to resurrect college volleyball form. Got game? I′m married to Roberta and have three children Salay, Ivan and Jazna.

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