Meet John Fiandt

Trine University - Jannen School of Arts & Sciences

Fiandt has family ties to institution; history is his fortÉ.

B.S. Ball State University; M.A. University of Notre Dame

I began my professional life in public education, where I worked for over 30 years. My interest in cultural history developed as a result of two young people who attended Tri–State Normal College in the 1890 — studying music, later marrying, forming a family orchestra and finally becoming my grandparents.

In my early undergraduate years, I had the opportunity to meet the young John F. Kennedy in a seminar setting. He implored his young listeners to view politics as an honorable calling, one essential to the future of the republic.

I joined Trine University in 1995 as a part–time instructor and became part of the full–time staff in 2006. This made it possible to further my interest in the mystery and majesty of this country′s history as it unfolds.

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