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Master of Science in Leadership
Degree Programs > Master of Science in Leadership Concentration Options > Healthcare Systems Studies

International Studies

Concentration Focus

The International Studies concentration will empower students to provide leadership in global business management, global marketing, supply chain management and trade finance.

Program Content

  • Operational planning, development, implementation, and assessment of the international aspects of business
  • Management, implementation, and coordination of global marketing plans
  • Evaluation of supply chain options and development of solutions that support international business plans
  • Analysis of financial risks and methods of implementing global economic activities


Learners will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective leader within the international marketplace.

Who Should Pursue This Concentration?

  • Individuals who seek to expand their understanding of the global marketplace
  • Corporate managers, designers, engineers, sales, marketing and development professionals, mission workers

career impact of This Concentration

International Studies addresses the emerging needs of local companies with an existing global economic presence. Over 50 companies participating in the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership for Economic Development engage in foreign direct investment in 18 countries in the areas of technology, manufacturing, logistics, service, healthcare, mining, transportation and retail industries (Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, 2010).

In Steuben County, 16 companies, employing over 2,000 individuals, engage in multinational exchanges, according to the Steuben County Economic Development Council (2008). Leaders of a number of these businesses, have specifically requested that Trine University provide opportunities for middle and senior management to build their cultural competency and global marketplace skills at an advanced level.

Students who complete this concentration area will be equipped to pursue the NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional through an examination, which, when passed, will provide a nationally-recognized credential in international business (NASBITE CGBP, 2010).

Concentration Coursework (15 Credit Hours)
LDR 6003 Fundamentals of International Business Leadership (3)
This course provides students with a practical but intellectually challenging roadmap to their development as international business leaders. Different challenges and insights provided by leaders from industry and government enable students to explore leadership as a concept and as a vocation. Students will understand the dynamics of the worldwide marketplace, evaluate the different dimensions of international business, and examine leadership traits and skills managers must possess to effectively lead in rapidly expanding and volatile global economy. They will study management practices of global leaders while identifying the drivers of international business. Students will learn how to recognize and how to work through many of the barriers, challenges, and differences of international business to become global leaders.

LDR 6023 International Marketing and Economics for Leaders (3)
Culture, economic arrangements, technical standards, currency movements, language, religion, ideology, politics, distance and conflicting interpretations of national and global interests combine to complicate the administration of marketing's familiar 4-Ps cross-nationally. This course uses a combination of lectures, global marketing cases, discussion, and mini projects to examine specific issues currently involved in multinational marketing strategies. In addition, students will study the concepts of international finance (international monetary relations) and financial policies, international loans, balance of payments accounting, exchange rates, reserve and payments currencies, and international liquidity. Of particular interest is the impact of the U.S. economy of international financial developments. Balance of payments adjustment under fixed and flexible exchange rates and under the gold standard will be considered in detail.

LDR 6043 Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management for Leaders (3)
This course demands from students to develop cutting-edge logistics strategies to gain competitive advantage and a comprehensive understanding of managing logistics in a global setting. It covers principles of logistics activities in international business with special emphasis on transportation, global sourcing, customs issues, import-export opportunities, customs documentation, and the role of government in international transactions, customer service, information technology, and global supply chain management. Special emphasis is placed on current events and their effect on the marketing and logistics activities of global organizations. Students will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the location of different facilities in a global context, and the tangible and intangible resources required for effective supply chain decision making. They will coordinate logistics activities across supply chains and choose between different options for effectively delivering logistics services.

LDR 6066 International Studies Capstone (6)
This course is designed to provide a capstone or conclusion to the International Studies Concentration. Its objective is to provide an opportunity to conduct independent research on an International Studies theme, analyzing a contemporary policy issue. The topic will be selected by the students, so that they can integrate the linkages between the themes, areas, and disciplinary foci of study, and apply the analytical frameworks, professional writing, research, and leadership skills acquired during the program.



Master of Science in Leadership

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