Transforming Potential. It's a Trine thing.

Teacher preparation first began at Tri-State Normal College, now Trine University, in 1884 and our commitment to prepare the best educators is still our cornerstone.

At Franks School of Education we are dedicated to:

  • helping you develop and expand your content knowledge;
  • helping you develop teaching strategies so children of all ages and abilities learn and grow;
  • providing extensive work in the major learning theories;
  • providing numerous opportunities in the field to apply those theories into action;
  • preparing you as a future teacher who touches the lives and is part of the growth and learning of your future students in the 21st Century.

Experience the day in the life of an education student:

Our dedicated faculty are former teachers, building and district level administrators, and department chairs, and they know the theory and practice of the education profession. They share that knowledge and their extensive experiences with you to help you become the best professional educator you can be.

Our goal is to perpetuate the teaching profession by shaping future generations of teachers. given our high job placement rates, we feel confident that we are accomplishing this goal.

Check out our areas of study:

Field Experiences
Field experiences, important and practical opportunities for you to interact with K-12 students and teachers, are part of nearly every education course. They are integrated into the curriculum and begin as early as your freshman year.