August / September 2012

Wow! The summer sure went by fast. So many people visited campus. The School of Professional Studies is experiencing wonderful changes. Overall enrollment is up. Alumni are giving back in ways that impact the world. Just read the newsletter to see what we’re talking about.

Alumni News

It has been so busy, but in a great way! Alumni are getting involved, phones are starting to ring, license plate sales are up and who could forget the golf outing. You don′t want to miss these stories! [ Read More]

Get Connected

There′s no time like the present to get connected. Homecoming is just around the corner, and we′d love to have you come home for a visit. [Read More]

Go Thunder!

What′s new in Trine athletics? Meet our new coaches, read season previews and join Thunder Club to support student athletes. We′ve got some big plans this season. Go Thunder! [Read More]

Young and Seasoned Alumni

Read about one couple who took mission trip to Hungary to help orphans. Learn about a woman who overcame an eating disorder, became a nutritionist and can now help others. Or, there′s Ed, who shares the good news on wheels. [Read More]

Greek Life

They were at it, again. Two fraternities – Alpha Sig and Kappa Sig – took it to the green and raised money for students scholarships. [Read More]


Trine hosted numerous camps, conferences and events this summer and welcomed visitors from around the globe – and close to home. Learn about our Chinese and Korean guests and get a glimpse of the Indiana State Police camp. [Read More]

Lifelong Learning

Trine′s welcoming some new faculty this fall. Also, the School of Professional Studies is helping students save thousands and is off to a rolling start. [Read More]

University News

Even though the students were gone, summer was a busy time on campus. The university launched Innovation One and started planning for the career fair. Girls State announced its intentions to move to Trine in 2013. Trine will recognize some of its finest friends and alumni over homecoming in October. [Read More]

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