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February / March 2013

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We made a callout for sweethearts on Facebook; you responded

Beverly Strough Burns [ Friend her on Facebook ]

"My husband and I met my freshman year as we were both on the fencing team. Many of the fencing team stood up in our wedding. We were married by Prof. Theron G. Lansford, who is also an Episcopalian minister."

Katie Sullivan [ Friend her on Facebook ]

"I met my husband when I was a senior and he was an alum. [I won't say how long ago that was.] I will say back then, it sure seemed like a lot of Phi Sigs married Phi Kappa Thetas."

Patty Veasey Jacobs [ Friend her on Facebook ]

"I met my husband during my freshman year at Tri-State. We were cheerleaders at the time! Now our son is a freshman at Trine. Becoming associated with the school again is bringing back some great memories!"

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Fred Joe Smith of Fairfield, Ohio submitted this photo. He proudly flies a Trine Flag above his house, daily.

Alumni Fred Smith flies the Trine flag