Getting a Return on Their Investment

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Officials in the career services office say the job market is definitely improving. With job–placement rates at 91 percent for 2011 graduates, career services director Linda Bateman anticipates the same or better numbers this year.

Many of Trine’s 2012 graduates already have started their careers, with many of them receiving several offers before commencement.

“Our students are motivated and becoming more savvy about using social media to expand their network,” Bateman said. “In addition, we are seeing increasing numbers of students participating in on–campus events that allowed them to meet with prospective employers. For example, we had record attendance at our career fair, industry night and social media summit.”

Bateman also noted that the number of on–campus interviews was up and that there was a flurry of last–minute hires in May.

So, the question is: What are Trine students doing right? The answers are simple: They’re completing internships and co–ops. They’re building relationships and learning to network. They’re working on projects for area businesses. But, mainly, they’re planning ahead.

“I often tell students that while the job search is difficult and time consuming, their networking, volunteering and skill–building will pay off because people are always retiring, moving or changing fields,” Bateman said.

Tell us where you are and what you’re doing. You never know when you’ll have an opportunity to interview or work with fellow alumni. And aren’t they the best co-workers out there?

To contact a career services representative, check out their website

Here’s a sampling of where some of your fellow alumni started their careers:

  • Jordan Troxel, DET ’12, is a a CDN designer at GE Aviation in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Emily Jones, PSY ’12, is a confinement officer for the Steuben County Sherriff’s Department.
  • Jacob Gross, ME ’12, is a design engineer at Symmetry Medical.
  • Josh Kwasigroh, DET ’12, is a product design engineer at Rieke Packaging Systems in Auburn, Ind.
  • Samantha Kalakay, CE ’12, is an EIT for Rowe in Flint, Mich.
  • Adam Karstens, DET ’12, is a product development engineer at Navistar.
  • Orry Miller, EE ’12, is an electrical engineer at NSWC Crane, in Crane, Ind.
  • Steven Sarker, ChE ’12, is an Assistant Plant Supervisor at Reckon Plating Inc. in Fort Wayne, Ind.
  • Brandon Shearer, ChE ’12, is working in the Field Engineering Program for DuPont.
  • Aaron Shoemaker, ME ’12, is a Production Engineering Specialist for MACI in Parma, Mich.
  • David Meyer, CPE ’12, is a hardware engineer for Raytheon in Fort Wayne, Ind.
  • Jordan Crosby, INF ’12, is a networking/IT Consultant at Aptica LLC in Angola, Ind.
  • Cody Wolfle, ME ’12, is a development engineer at Cummins in Columbus, Ind.
  • Jonathan Childress, ME ’12, is an associate engineer at Comlux America in Indianapolis.
  • Keith Ripplinger, ME ’12, is a die engineer for Honda Engineering Group in Anna, Ohio.
  • Thomas Tucker, Jr., EE ’12, is a quality control engineer at Honda of American in Anna, Ohio.
  • Heather Warthen, GM, MKT ’12, is a pro shop assistant at Brickyard Crossing Golf Course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.