Tbolt Trivia

In what year did the university host its first NCAA national championship?

The answer for last issue's question (In what year did the first intercollegiate athletic event take place in this school′s history? What was the sport and who did we play) was: 1889, Baseball against Hillsdale College.

Unfortunately, we didn't have a correct answer for this question.

If you think you know the answer, e–mail Racheal Benner.

Trine Travelers:
Building relations with China

Trine University director of international services Emily Boerman traveled to China for three weeks in May to meet with prospective students and give presentations about the U.S. higher education system to schools throughout the country.

She met with students and families, gave presentations, interviewed students or attended college fairs in Shanghai and Qingdao and at Jiangsu Taizhou High School, Yangzhou High School, the No. 2 High School of Ma’anshan, Nanajing Yangzi High School, Anqing Foreign Language School, Beijing Lu He High School, Visit Beijing No. 4 High School and Daqing Foreign Language School.

Boerman traveled with two Chinese consortiums, Jiangsu Education Services for International Exchange and Gateway Institute of Education, of which Trine is a founding member. A representative from Trine will return to China in the fall to continue recruiting and networking efforts.

Emily Boerman

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