Introducing The Depot Grill

Next time you’re on campus, you’ve got to stop and eat at the newest, hottest place in town.

Trine University is opening the former Lakeshore Depot as a restaurant – The Depot Grill – for students and the public alike on July 2. The eatery will feature fresh, locally produced produce, meat and specialty items.

the Depot Grill

The university saw the depot as yet another opportunity to connect with the community by preserving a piece of the past. Community members, lakers, alumni and students are encouraged to visit the depot and try some tasty fare.

The Depot has played a tremendous role in not only Angola’s history, but in the university’s history, as many alumni (and their families) noted they came to school by way of the train or received special deliveries on the depot’s platform. Pictures, maps and newspaper articles on the walls tell the depot’s 100-year history.

the Depot Grill

Trine purchased the property in the fall of 2011 from husband and wife owners Dennis Spidel and Janny O’Connell, who used the depot as the site of their interior design business. The two are now playing an integral role in designing the interior of the building. Most of the floor, walls and trim are original, and Trine has acquired additional period pieces to make you feel as though you’ve caught a glimpse of 20th century America.

Bistro seating will be available in the “freight room,” on the north end of the building. For those who want something less formal, bench seating with tables is another option in the passenger end of the building. A central office area features a private dining suite.

The Depot is located just south of Maumee Street and west of Best Hall, and parking is available. Oh, don’t forget to bring your mobile device, as The Depot is Wi-Fi ready. If you're interested in what's on the menu, click here to access a PDF of the tasty menu.

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