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October / November 2013

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Meet Matt Kopina

Matthew Kopina, a senior communication major from Wooster, Ohio, has made numerous memories during his four years at Trine, but they don’t necessarily revolve around campus facilities or university events. Instead, they rotate around the smiles on his friends’ faces and the positive impact the faculty and staff have had on his experience as a student.

Matt Kopina

For Matt, it’s the memories of walking to class in 2 feet of snow and blistering winds with classmates and friends that made an impact. It was having the ability to study overseas, in Ireland, for a semester his sophomore year. It was also learning that the higher he sets his goals, even if he fell a little short, he still did well.

Matt is well known around campus, having built a personal brand that distinguishes him from the other 1,400 students at the main campus of Trine University. His advice to others looking to build a personal brand: “Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not; people will eventually see right through the front.

“When branding your own image, make sure it is something you love to do. It makes it a lot easier to reach your goal when what you are doing is satisfying.”

Matt, along with three of his closest college friends, served as the Miller Time interns last summer. For more information on their experience, you can read the June/July issue of the Thunder Bolt.

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Meet Brittany Minnich

Brittany Minnich came to Trine University with the goal of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, making new friends and cheering her heart out for all the big blue fans. Though she was undecided at first, Brittany knew that Trine was right for her not only because of the amazing scholarship money she received, but also because of the friendliness she was shown. “Every time that I visited campus, people remembered me!”

Brittany Minnich

On campus, Brittany can be found leading cheer practices—she was chosen by her teammates to be captain—studying in her villa, or planning her next visit home. She’s also vice president of Circle K International, the corresponding secretary of Tau Beta Pi (an engineering honor society) and is an active participant of the Newman Catholic Fellowship.

As a chemical engineering student, Brittany has one of the more rigorous, demanding schedules of the majors offered at Trine. Surprisingly, her most difficult class was quantitative analysis. “I’m a perfectionist, yet I struggled with making the precise solutions that are required for lab. The class helped me realize that working hard is more important than being perfect.”

Last summer, Brittany had an internship with POET Biorefining in Portland, Ind. During her time there, she learned about the structure of a manufacturing facility and enhanced her teamwork skills. She worked on projects involving natural gas drilling, capital expenditures and standard operating procedures updates.

After she graduates, Brittany plans to work within food processing for a few years, and then return to school for a master’s degree in business administration because she strives for an engineering management position.

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