"Without a collective effort we would not be where we are today. I am just the one who is in the fortunate position of serving as president of Trine University. I am thankful, honored and humbled every day for that opportunity and for the passion that so many people bestow on this great institution."

Earl D. Brooks II, Ph.D.,  president

Welcome!President Earl D. Brooks II, Ph.D.

Welcome to Trine University, a school with a rich heritage of academic excellence and tradition.

When you are accepted as a student at Trine, you will become part of a community – or better yet, a family – that has been active for generations and will be here for years to come. We welcome you to Be a Part of Something Greater.  

Trine has taken many forms during its 130-year history, starting first as a teacher’s college and then evolving to meet the needs of a world moving into the 20th century. In 1902, the university opened the doors of its engineering school, which many would argue is at the core of our being. During the years, we’ve added acclaimed business, humanities and science programs that continue to meet with success to this day.

Our campus has nearly tripled (1,300 to 3,770) in the past decade. Many alumni tell me it’s not the campus they remember, but it’s the campus they want to support. In the past decade, we have added more than $100 million worth of campus enhancements and facilities, including resort-quality villas and apartments, laboratories, T. Furth Center for Performing Arts, the Carew Street Health Sciences Education Center in Fort Wayne that's home to our new Doctor of Physical Therapy program and future home of our Physician Assistant program, renovations at Ford Hall which is the new home to our Ketner School of Business, Jim and Joan Bock Center for Innovation and Biomedical Engineering, Whitney Commons cafeteria expansion, construction of the Larry and Judy Reiners Residence Hall, and the Rick L. and Vicki L. James University Center that houses our library, Fabiani Theatre, bookstore, dining area and more. We have so many more plans for the future and you can be a part of it.

As we’ve grown, some things haven’t changed. We remain deeply committed to our students. Our student population has increased by more than 70 percent in just five years, and we still make sure we meet the needs of each of our students, in the classroom, on the field, in the residence hall or apartment and between classes. Students nearly always say they value the faculty's dedication.

We believe in Learning without Limits and remain a remarkably creative and innovative campus. It’s no surprise that many of our alumni left this university with an entrepreneurial spirit that led them to start flourishing companies that are vital parts of many communities. More than a handful of alumni have even earned patents, too. Next time you see a golf ball, just remember one of our graduates is responsible. Today, many of our students collaborate with companies, organizations and schools around the globe to solve complex problems and real-world issues.

When it comes to our commitment to excellence and the Trine way, there’s no question…It’s A Trine Thing.

I encourage you to schedule a time to visit and see the campus for yourself. While you're here, be sure to meet with professors and students and ask all the questions you want.

Please stop by my office in the C.W. Sponsel Administration Center when you are on campus. My door is open and you are always welcome.

Earl D. Brooks II, Ph.D.