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The Program

The Master of Science with a major in Criminal Justice (MSCJ) program is an accelerated degree program that provides education for both pre- and mid-career individuals  serving their communities as law enforcement, corrections, or court practitioners. The curriculum is designed to prepare these professionals to assume key leadership roles within the justice system or the private sector.  

available to adult students

available to online students


The Experience

The program prepares students to assume key leadership roles as professionals working in fire safety, law enforcement, social work, and other related fields.  Students will learn to analyze criminal justice issues and implement change within the criminal justice system by developing skills in program planning and evaluation, policy formation and analysis, and critical thinking.

Designed for working professionals, the program consists 13 courses (36 credit hours) offered online or on campus that may be completed in 12 months with students completing six credits per eight week term.  Students are required to take a series of core classes, followed by five courses in a specific concentration area.  Concentration options include: Emergency Management, Forensic Psychology, Law, and Public Administration.

Alternatively, students may also apply for the Certificate Program which is a stand-alone certificate in any of the concentration areas. This consists of six classes each (CRJ 563 plus five concentration classes) for a total of 18 credit hours.

The Results

Pursuing this degree could open doors for students to pursue a variety of opportunities.  Whether they plan to enhance their career in criminal justice, teach, or pursue their doctorate, a degree from Trine will give students the competitive edge they need to be successful.