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Course Degree Requirements

The Master of Engineering requires 30 credit hours beyond the undergraduate program. The curriculum consists of 18 credits in mechanical engineering, 3 credits in advanced mathematics, 3 credits in business-related coursework, and an 6-credit-hour design project.

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Core 12 hrs.
MAE 5213 Advanced Heat Transfer (3)
MAE 5223 Introduction to Computational Fluid Mechanics (3)
MAE 5433 Mechanism Systhesis (3)
MAE 5543 Advanced Mechanic Design (3)

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Electives 6-9 Hrs.
MAE 5753 Computer Integrated Manufacturing (3)
MAE 5663 Materials Failure Analysis (3)
MAE 5473 System Dynamics and Control (3)
MAE 5583 Design of Experiments (3)

Mathematics 3 Hrs.
Any 400 level mathematics course (3)

Business 3 Hrs.
One 500 level course selected with approval of the graduate advisor.

Capstone/Design Project  3-6 Hrs.
MAE 600X Mechanical Engineering Graduate Project

Total in Degree Program 30 hrs.

Well qualified high-school graduates may be admitted directly into the five-year BS/ME engineering program. These students will be changed to graduate status after 132 credit hours, at which time they must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0. (The grade point average requirement will be waived for students who have passed the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination.)

Students who do not meet this standard will not be given graduate status and will be awarded the appropriate bachelor's degree when all the BS requirements have been met. Students attaining graduate status will be awarded both the Bachelor of Science in the appropriate engineering field and the Master of Engineering degree when all requirements have been completed.