BSBA in Healthcare Management

The Program

Managing the availability, accessibility and quality of health services is key to the healthcare manager.

One of the fastest growing fields in the U.S. is healthcare - along with that is the need for qualified healthcare professional administrators and managers. These professionals are able to interact with their medical counterparts and maintain operational and financial stability within healthcare facilities.

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The Experience

Professional healthcare managers serve the needs of patients, their families and the communities they work in. They are a valuable asset as educators providing accurate information in times of crisis or public health threats.

The Results

Graduates with the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Healthcare Management degree hold positions such as:

  • Finance
  • Government relations
  • Human resources
  • Information systems
  • Marketing and public affairs
  • Material management (purchasing of equipment and supplies)
  • Medical staff relations
  • Nursing administration
  • Patient care services
  • Planning and development