Computer Engineering

The Program Trine University Student Achievements

Our computer engineering degree program covers both computer hardware and software. We emphasize computer hardware - from the scale of individual transistors - up through embedded computers, networks, high-level languages, and software engineering. We design and implement digital logic and computer systems that integrate hardware and software components into functioning systems that meet a user-defined set of specifications. We love the inside, and outside, of computer systems. 

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The Experience

As well as providing in-depth theoretical coverage, we emphasize laboratory experimentation and design. Our labs are open for students, whenever you need to use them. You will spend a significant amount of time in the laboratory, learning how to use modern test equipment and how to implement and verify the performance of electronic and electrical systems. We give our students an immersive and relevant lab experience.

The Results

Over the past 10 years over 90% of our graduates have started their first professional career position within nine months of graduation. Many have their first job arranged before they graduate. Most of our graduates go into the commercial world in industries such as aerospace, telecommunications, software development, and consumer electronics. Some of our graduates (about 10%) decide to go on to graduate school and some work for federal government agencies.