Travel to any small, private college in America and you’re unlikely to find another that, on football Saturdays, brings the game ball to midfield by helicopter. Or has a championship golf course that’s hosted PGA events and NCAA national championships right on campus. Or offers residence halls and apartment-style campus housing that feel more like a vacation resort than a university dorm. At Trine, you will.

This is just a part of life at Trine University. And it’s why we take so much pride in the experience we offer.

Events and Activities that Rock

Throughout the year you’ll find weekly opportunities to come together with the Trine community in spirit. From Welcome Week, to intramural games, to Thunder athletics, to Homecoming, to Bingo for Bucks, to moonlight breakfasts, to student productions and performances, to movie nights, to activities sponsored by our six sororities and eight fraternities, life at Trine is never dull.

Clubs and Organizations that Invigorate

Whether you’re into art or education, business or biology, skiing or video games, and pretty much any point in between, at Trine you’ll be able to sharpen your skills, cultivate your interests, and maybe even develop a few new ones, through our more than 60 student clubs and organizations. And, if you’re into something that doesn’t currently have a club, you’ll be encouraged to start one up.

Support and Guidance that Nurtures 

With less than 2,000 students, Trine offers the guidance, support, inspiration, and motivation for every individual on our campus to make the most of his or her experience. Here, you will be known and your dreams will be embraced by everyone around you. Whether it’s health and wellness, disability services, campus safety, or issues related to housing or dining, you’ll find all the personalized support you need.