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Dual Enrollment

Welcome to our Dual Enrollment Program for high school students, an amazing opportunity to begin earning college credit while still in high school.

As a Dual Enrollment Program, our courses count toward both high school and college. There are two options for taking classes through the Dual Enrollment Program.

The Campus Experience is when high school students take university courses on our campus or online.

The Academic Experience is a program in the high schools taught by fully qualified adjunct/hybrid instructors who are also high school teachers. These courses are offered at your high school campus during the regular school day.

Trine Dual Enrollment Award

Any prospective student who has completed a Trine Dual Enrollment Course is eligible to receive the $1,000 Trine Dual Enrollment Award. This scholarship is renewable for up to 3 additional undergraduate years and is considered a stackable scholarship. Limit 2 stackable scholarships per applicant.


The Trine Dual Enrollment Award is a renewable scholarship awarded to students who have completed a minimum of one (1) Trine Dual Enrollment course with a grade of "C" or better. Also to be eligible, students must have completed the Trine Dual Enrollment course no later than May of their senior year in high school.

Earning College Credit

As long as you earn a grade of "C" or better, you'll receive full college credit on a Trine University transcript. Credit can be applied toward a Trine degree or may be transferred to another university.


Sending your children off to college is a very emotional moment in every parent/guardian's life. Will they succeed that first year? Will they ever choose a major? Will I be able to afford this? Here at Trine, we are trying to relieve just a bit of that stress.

We know you want the most for your children and by taking a class or two (or more) before they graduate, they are taking a great step toward succeeding academically, socially and financially in college.

The Dual Enrollment Program is open to students who have completed their sophomore year of high school (public, private or home schools). Tuition is significantly reduced for Dual Enrollment students. Courses on the campuses of Trine University are $75 per credit hour. Courses online and on high school campuses are $20 per credit hour. All application fees and student fees are waived for Dual Enrollment students.

Beginning in the 2014-2015 academic year, Trine University will offer a $1,000 per year grant to students who enroll as a full-time student and have taken classes through the Dual Enrollment Program. That means students and families could save up to $4,000 when earning a four-year degree.

The 1098-T tax form is necessary if you will be claiming the American Opportunity or Lifetime Learning Credit. This information is for tax reporting purposes only and meets Trine University's obligation for reporting per IRS guidelines.

1098-T's will not be mailed out this year. Students will need to log in to myPortal to view and/or print the 1098-T form.

If your parents claim you as a dependent, this is valuable information for them.

To print your 1098-T form, go to, click on "myPortal" (located at the top of the page), enter username (First Initial Middle Initial Last Name and year that you began classes). For example, John D. Smith began classes in fall 2014 so his username is jdsmith14. Passwords are the word Trine and student birthdate, Trinemmddyyyy. Click the "student tab" to see the 1098-T Form Printing Selection on the left. Click on this to print a 1098-T form.