Meet Michael Oliver

Michael Olivermichael oliver

Trine University - Jannen School of Arts & Sciences
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As an avid golfer, athlete, coach, and outdoorsman, I grew up in Maine, attended high school in New York, completed undergraduate work at Western Kentucky University, found employment in the Midwest, and traveled worldwide. As a former public school teacher of over 25 years, an owner of a sports representation company, an athletic wear designer, and a college professor, I believe humankind is tied together by one’s uniqueness and the desire to be part of a stimulating educational environment.  I achieved a master’s degree (MA) in Educational Technology and Design, another in English, and a Doctorate in Education (EdD). I love today’s educational environment and the change from a teacher-centered learning atmosphere to a dynamic student-centered learning environment allowing students to shape their actions, judgments, and other teaching strategies.